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Golf Cart Battery Charger Repair

Your golf cart battery charger is the life essence of your vehicle.  It is absolutely paramount that they are kept in working order to ensure optimum lifespan of your batteries.  Most electric golf cart owners understand this and often panic when their golf cart charger fails.  This leads to hasty decision making and more often than not, the purchase of a brand new charger.  These chargers are quite expensive, often costing the consumer upwards of $800.  What many people do not understand however is 95% of golf cart chargers can be easily repaired, many times with simple parts that cost less than $100.  Golf cart chargers can be difficult to understand as there are electrical components inside that can be quite confusing.  At Masters Golf Carts, we have many years of experience with these chargers and can usually diagnose and repair any problem in under an hour.  We have even had success in repairing the much despised and previously “unfix-able” first generation EZGO Delta Q chargers. Call us today for a quote!

Make sure that its your charger, not your cart

There are many times where your charger will not turn on and there is no issue with it at all.  This is caused by one of two things; there is not 120 volts at your power supply (wall receptacle), or your golf cart has an issue.  Did the problem begin after a winter storage period?  If so, check your golf cart’s battery voltage level.  48 volt golf carts generally will not activate the golf cart charger unless is is at 42 volts or greater.  The same goes for 36 volt golf carts although the guideline is set somewhere around 32 volts depending in the make/model.