Golf Carts at the Cottage

“I’m surprised by how much I use this thing”!

It is no surprise that golf carts are becoming so popular these days.  Their versatility in the consumer market is enormous.  A vehicle that was once slated for getting from one green to another has transformed into something much more.  We got our first cart up at our cottage about three years ago.  Hauling toys, playpens, towels and a plethora of other items only a parent could appreciate became a daunting task.  Thus began our journey to find an easy way to get from point A (the cottage) to point B (the beach) in as few trips as possible.  We had never heard about golf carts being used privately before until a family friend had suggested that we give one a try.  We used a golf cart rental service for the first year and were sold immediately.  Not only did it allow us to quickly move up to five adults from once place to another, but the back seat folded down into a utility flat bed which could be used to transport all that gear normally associated with the beach.  My kids absolutely love riding on our family golf cart.  We also use it to get to friends cottages around the lake.  We find we are much more likely to go for a “quick cart” over to a friend’s place as opposed to loading into a car to get there.  There is something serene about driving down a cottage road with the wind in your face and no doors beside you.

Golf carts are more affordable than you may think

While a brand new golf cart may run you upwards of eight thousand dollars, most elect for a late model used vehicle.  A three or four year old model can usually be had for under three thousand dollars.  Add on a flip-flop seat kit and perhaps a light package and your still well under four thousand.  Gas carts will be a little more expensive these days due to the lack of availability.  If you are a veteran with golf cart use and are looking for something a little newer, ask your dealer if they have any “demo” units available.  These highly sought after beauties will save you more than two thousand from the MSRP!

 Rent first, buy later

If you are unsure about whether or not you should purchase a golf cart, rent!  Most dealers would be happy to rent you a cart for a day, weekend, month or a full season.  A seasonal rental will usually run you about a thousand dollars for a late model cart.

 If utility is all you need…

While flip-flop seats give you versatility, they are not designed to carry a very heavy load.  If hauling capabilities is what you require, then you may opt for a straight utility box or even a golf-utility vehicle.

 Golf Carts Can Tow!

You would be surprised at how much weight a golf cart can tow.  With a properly mounted hitch they are commonly found towing utility trailers, log splitters or even personal watercraft.  There is a lot more torque in these vehicles than many people think.

 The Flip-flop seat kit

Golf cart rear seats used to be all stationary.  Everything changed with the flip-flop seat.  It basically turned a four seat golf cart into a combo utility vehicle.  Manufactures are constantly looking for new ideas to improve this popular accessory.

rear flip seat

*Great for those in need of a people mover *Excellent as a light duty utility platform